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Individual Truckers and RVers-
GiraffeG4 Sentinel User App

Price: ……$3.99 / Month

Sale Price: $1.99 / Month

Cancel Anytime…

  • Available for iPhones and Android Phones.
  • All lower 48 States in U.S. covered and Canada
  • Plus a “Do Not Enter” warning at every entrance to Parkways in NY, MA, CT, NJ where commercial vehicles and RV’s are prohibited.

** Subscriptions are set to one device. Subscriptions are not transferrable.  If you share the app you risk losing your subscription.


GiraffeG4 Sentinel System with
Tracking App

Price: …….$775.00

Sale Price: $599.00

  • The GiraffeG4 Sentinel System includes a weatherproof sensor, a bluetooth enabled data collecting module, and a 12V plugin. Plus, the GiraffeG4 Tracking App and a mount for the Tracking vehicle.
  • One GiraffeG4 Sentinel unit w/ Tracking App, will cover an unlimited geographic area.
  • Patented system to detect overhead obstacles for your fleet.
  • Available for Android phones only.
  • Patent# 8,212,660. 8,207.836. Pat. Pend.# 11,198,390


* Please contact us for any questions.




Fleets and Groups


Opening Price: $9.99 / Month

Discount 30%: $6.99 / Month

Volume Discounts start at 10 drivers, please call or text for details

*Company plan limited time only, $7.99/
month … Lorum Ipsom…. Terms and conditions apply. Lorum Ipsom

** Subscriptions are set to one device. Contact support if you need to change a subscription.