Protect Your Truck or RV with The GiraffeG4 Sentinel

“Low Clearance” Collision Avoidance System

for companies and individuals

About The Giraffeg4 Sentinel


Measures the exact height of the “Low Clearance “ obstacle your vehicle is about to pass under and continues to measure the height of the obstacle until your vehicle is safely clear.


If there is no height warning sign, or the sign is incorrect the GiraffeG4 Sentinel will measure the exact height of the hazard on that day under present conditions.


The important information, i.e. height of your vehicle, height of the sensor, is entered into your easy to use phone APP (IOS and Android). Trailer height can be changed easily if new trailers are swapped out.

The GiraffeG4 System has four United States Patents and utilizes advanced sound technology.

How the GiraffeG4 System Protects Trucks

Tracking App and
User App for fleets

The Tracking APP measures the exact height and location of a potential “Low Clearance” hazard. Notifies the driver in the cab, on a phone APP, if there is clearance. If the operator chooses, he can then download that information into a database.

Your company will then have a database with Truck numbers and truck heights so if drivers change vehicles day to day they have access to the height of that days vehicle on the USER APP. As the operator drives that day, the GiraffeG4 Sentinel USER APP will warn them in advance that a “Low Clearance” obstacle is ahead.

The Sentinel TRACKING APP also has a Manual option. If there are tree limbs or wires that are difficult to measure, and your fleet has been hitting them, those hazards can be measured manually and entered in the database.

There will also be a User App that provides low clearance measurements for big cities like New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore and their environs. Locations that are known for their “Low Clearance” hazards.