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The GiraffeG4 System has three United States
Patents and utilizes advanced sound technology.

Patent# 8,212,660. 8,207.836. 11,198,390

Measures Low Clearance

Measures the exact height of the “Low Clearance “ obstacle your vehicle is about to pass under and continues to measure the height of the obstacle until your vehicle is safely clear.

Measures Hazards

If there is no height warning sign, or the sign is incorrect the GiraffeG4 Sentinel will measure the exact height of the hazard on that day under present conditions.

Displays Important Info

The important information, i.e. height of your vehicle, height of the sensor, is entered into your easy to use phone APP (Android). Trailer height can be changed easily if new trailers are swapped out.



The Tracking APP measures the exact height and location of a potential “Low Clearance” hazard. which is displayed on the phone app. If the operator chooses, he can then download that information into a database.

Your company will then have a database with Truck numbers and truck heights so if drivers change vehicles day to day they have access to the height of that days vehicle on the USER APP. As the operator drives that day, the GiraffeG4 Sentinel USER APP will warn them in advance that a “Low Clearance” obstacle is ahead.

The Sentinel TRACKING APP also has a Manual option. If there are tree limbs or wires that are difficult to measure, and your fleet has been hitting them, those hazards can be measured manually and entered in the database.


vehicle with the GiraffeG4 Sentinel Tracking App approaches "Low Clearance" bridge.

The Tracking App measures and downloads the exact height and GPS location of the bridge onto a database.

Driver of 13'4" truck gets a USER App warning that the bridge ahead is too low before the truck is at bridge. They'll take a different route.



If you have 50 vehicles in your fleet, you won’t need 50 GiraffeG4 Sentinel Tracking units to protect your fleet. Once you’ve used a few Tracking units to measure and record known hazards in your area, your company or employees can subscribe to the USER APP information.

If your fleet has bucket trucks that are hitting trees, or ambulances (ambulettes) that are hitting parking garages and building entrances the Sentinel can measure those low heights and protect your equipment. 

Would you like to add "Low Clearance" Collision mitigation
to the "Forward Collision" mitigation on your truck?

GiraffeG4 Systems “Low Clearance” Collision Avoidance System has been engineered and redesigned to communicate through a trucks Can bus utilizing the J1939 protocol. They are currently talking with potential OEM partners about the possibility of integrating their “Low Clearance” mitigation system with the “Forward Collision” mitigation systems featured on a lot of new trucks.



    The system works good.  Thanks again for the personal service.  I really appreciate GiraffeG4 LLC for the amazing personal service.


      I’m glad somebody finally came up with something that can measure tree branches along the road, I knocked the cover off my AC unit last year on a back road in New Hampshire… I’ve tested the GiraffeG4 a few times and I think it’s going to help…I like it so far…

      John D.


        The Giraffe G4 is the best thing I’ve ever purchased for my RV. It keeps me safe on the roads in Connecticut and protects my wallet, big time! All RV owners should invest in the G4!

        Skip B


          It measures accurately. I would definitely recommend it. Great customer service.



            This is so awesome for our business! We haul equipment and this is great for all the traveling and everywhere we go! Our drivers love it and we do to!

            Victor and Tammy S.

            Spears Equipment Hauling

              I’m originally from Georgia, I haven’t made it to Hawaii cause I can’t get there-the other 49 I’ve pretty much covered all of them. I’ve done everything from dump trucking to semi’s over the road, I’ve done a little bit of all of it, I’m 29 years in. If you’re going to NY, Philly or Chicago the GiraffeG4 is a great tool to have. All the bridges are mismarked. I used to haul prefab houses down in Georgia-18ft high. I wish I had the GiraffeG4 back in those days- I wouldn’t feel safe traveling without it anymore. I would recommend it to any driver, all drivers, they should have it.

              Robbie W.


                Using the GiraffeG4 gives me the extra bit of confidence – along with my high pole to protect the load, if I have contact on the pole and need to back up to remeasure the GiraffeG4 gives me a readout of the height so I can inform the driver of the height. The GiraffeG4 is a great tool for the high pole car operator and for the driver with no pole car. This will give him the measurements as he is slowly going under a bridge that may be mismarked and he will be able to stop and back out and save the load from being damaged. PS: I have fourteen years experience and I think GiraffeG4 will give you the edge to do a great job and to protect the load.

                WD Pilot Car

                Bristol, IN

                  The system works good.  Thanks again for the personal service.  I really appreciate GiraffeG4 LLC for the amazing personal service.


                    We have about 5 of your units installed and in use with our company trucks and absolutely love them!

                    Miles P.

                    Remote Medical International, Seattle WA

                      I like the GiraffeG4. I have a commercial GPS that has put me places that I didn’t intend to go and I trust it to keep out of trouble. I’d give it 5 stars if it came with a longer coax cable…

                      John M.


                        It measures accurately. I would definitely recommend it. Great customer service.



                          was looking at a Land Line magazine and saw your ad. Just like you to know I've had one of your Giraffe units on my last two trucks and I can't tell you how many times it's saved my ass. I've had it so long I see your on gen4 and I'm sure I have the gen1 and it's still working great. If you are in a heavy haul you can't go wrong with this product. Thanks again for a product that works and keeps working.

                          Ron M



                          If you’re an independent trucker or an RV enthusiast with a tall 5th wheel, Class A, or Class C motorhome and you need “Low Clearance “ Collision prevention, without the need to store data. GiraffeG4 Systems has the GiraffeG4 Classic with all the same “low clearance” collision prevention features. The GiraffeG4 Classic does not store data so the price is less expensive.

                          USER APP FOR NYC

                          Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, etc...

                          There is also a User App that provides “low clearance” collision prevention measurements for big cities like New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore and their environs. Locations that are known for their “Low Clearance” hazards.

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