FAQs for TRUCKS and RVs

Q. Where is the GiraffeG4 System made?

A. The GiraffeG4 Low-Clearance Avoidance System is proudly made in the USA. The components are manufactured and assembled in Leominster, Massachusetts and Onamia, Minnesota.

Q. How will the GiraffeG4 System help my truck or RV avoid an overhead collision?

A. The GiraffeG4 Low-Clearance Avoidance System allows you to measure the height of most overhead obstacles like bridges, trestles, gas station canopies, tree branches, and more, without getting out of your vehicle. You simply pull the GiraffeG4's exterior sensor under the overhead obstacle in question. Using sound waves, the GiraffeG4 measures the height of the overhead object and displays the results on the interior display panel. The display panel will warn you if the available clearance is too low, allowing you to back out and prevent any damage to your vehicle, your load, as well as save a lot of money and time!

Q. When will the GiraffeG4 Low-Clearance Avoidance System help me?

A. It will help in those situations where there is an overhead obstacle (bridge, trestle, tree) and there is no sign. Or they’ve added 4 inches of asphalt and haven’t changed the sign. Or a tree limb at a campsite that will knock off the air conditioning unit on your RV.

Q. What is the GiraffeG4’s height measurement range?

A. The GiraffeG4 Low-Clearance Avoidance System's height measurement range is from 1 ft 8 inches to 12 ft. It will measure those heights from wherever it is mounted. For example, if the sensor is mounted at 6 ft. It will measure accurately from 7 ft. 8 inches to 18 ft.

Q. Will the magnetic mounting adapter affect the signal or the accuracy of the unit?

A. No, the GiraffeG4's exterior sensor is Pizieroceramic and is not affected by magnets.

Q. I do Pilot Car and survey work, how fast can I be traveling and still get an accurate reading?

A. You can travel up to 30mph and get an accurate reading.

Q. Does the GiraffeG4 work with Oversize Loads and Car Carriers?

A. Yes! With the different mounting options available, the GiraffeG4 Low-Clearance Avoidance System can be used to provide protection for just about any vehicle on the road.

Q. Can I measure the height of an overhead object that's ahead of me down the road?

A. No device, including the GiraffeG4, can accurately measure the height of an object that's a distance away. But the GiraffeG4 provides accurate measurement of overhead obstacles before you proceed underneath and take a risk - it's certainly better to back away and avoid an accident.

Q. When traveling down the highway I turn it on and I get different readings that jump around?

A. Over 30 mph there is a wind shear effect above the sensor unit that will give you different readings. The unit uses sound waves which bounce off the wind shear.

Q. I live in Canada, will it measure meters?

A. Yes, when you program the GiraffeG4 Low-Clearance Avoidance System you have a choice of feet or meters.

Q. Is the GiraffeG4 Low-Clearance Avoidance System difficult to program?

A. Not at all! The GiraffeG4 Low-Clearance Avoidance System comes with easy step-by-step instructions for mounting and programming. You'll be on the road in no time!

Q. Does the GiraffeG4 Low-Clearance Avoidance System work in all weather?

A. Yes , the GiraffeG4 Low-Clearance Avoidance System's Exterior Sensor unit is waterproof, but if it sits in weather overnight it does need to be cleared of snow and ice .

Q. Is there a difference between the GiraffeG4 System for trucks and the one for RV’s?

A. No, the only difference is the packaging. The GiraffeG4 was originally designed for tractor trailers, but since RV’s face many of the same overhead obstacle problems, we packaged the unit differently to allow for clearer communication of the product's benefits.

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