At this time the Tacking App is available only for an Android Phone.

No, but it will follow your route wherever you travel and give you “low clearance” hazard warnings before you reach the hazard. Plus, if you are using a navigation App it will work in a secondary position to the navigation App and give you a warning when you are approaching a hazard.

Approximately 300 yards, enough time to find a new route.

The Tracking App’s accuracy range is from 1’8” to 12’. That is, if the sensor is mounted at 7’, the Tracking App will measure heights from 8’8” to 19’. Its accuracy is within 1” of the measured object.

One GiraffeG4 Sentinel Tacking App could cover a whole State. It can collect data from an unlimited geographic area.

Yes, they will work for any tall vehicles.

Recreational Vehicles are not allowed on Parkways in the Northeast. Plus, the Parkway underpasses can be very low.

Fines and Points on your CDL

  •        Potential towing fees of over $10,000 for Tractor Trailers
  •        Reimbursement costs to the State for bridge repairs
  •        Out of Service violations for the Driver and CMV

Instructions for User App

1. Log In.

Log In to your Account

2. Vehicle Setting

Enter the height of your vehicle

3. Submit

The height of your vehicle is downloaded.

4. Start Drive/ Stop Drive

Hit Start Drive in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

5. Alarms

The App will provide you with a loud alarm and flag before you reach an obstacle that is too low for your vehicle to fit under. Or the entrance to a Parkway in some States where your Commercial Vehicle or RV is not allowed to travel on

6. Vehicle or

If you are using the GiraffeG4 User App with a navigation app I.e. Waze, Google Maps, etc. The GiraffeG4 will work underneath those apps as you travel. The GiraffeG4 User App will provide a loud alarm if you are approaching a low height that your vehicle won’t fit under. Or the entrance to a Parkway in some States where your Commercial RV is not allowed to travel on.

Instructions for GiraffeG4 Tracking App

1. Log In.

Use your email and Password to log in.

2. Scan Device

Your GiraffeG4 is scanning for a Bluetooth connection

3. Top of Screen

Press top of screen to connect to sensor, where it says disconnected

4. Sensor is present

This screen is letting you know that your sensor is communicating with your module.

5. Edit Height

Enter the height of the sensor and on the second page enter the height of the vehicle you’re driving

6. Start Tracking

‘The App will start to display overhead heights as you pass under a bridge, trestle, or tree.

7. Add data

When you have completed your measuring and GPS locating, you hit the

STOP…..button, you see the information of the heights you have recorded.

Would you like to review your data

You have the option to delete a random height by itself that has been recorded that is too low. It’s very rare but it can happen.

8. Save Button

When you’re ready, hit the SAVE button and your height and GPS   information will be saved to the database…

Now you are ready to Start Tracking again.