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The GiraffeG4 overhead collision alert system has a wide range of uses:

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Protect your rig and the load you’re carrying from damage caused by overhead strikes. 




Pilot Cars
Get a hit on your height pole. The GiraffeG4 will give you the exact height. For survey work, the GiraffeG4 will measure accurately up to 30 mph.



Oversize Loads   
Will measure hazards 12 feet from where it is mounted . . . mount it at 9 feet, it is good to 21 feet.


 Recreational Vehicles 
Protect your AC units and satellite antennas from unmarked bridges, tree limbs, and gas station awnings.





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  • I’m originally from Georgia, I haven’t made it to Hawaii cause I can’t get there-the other 49 I’ve pretty much covered all of them. I’ve done everything from dump trucking to semi’s over the road, I’ve done a little bit of all of it, I’m 29 years in. If you’re going to NY, Philly or Chicago the GiraffeG4 is a great tool to have. All the bridges are mismarked. I used to haul prefab houses down in Georgia-18ft high. I wish I had the GiraffeG4 back in those days- I wouldn’t feel safe traveling without it anymore. I would recommend it to any driver, all drivers, they should have it.

    Robbie Woodard, Georgia

  • Using the GiraffeG4 gives me the extra bit of confidence - along with my high pole to protect the load, if I have contact on the pole and need to back up to remeasure the GiraffeG4 gives me a readout of the height so I can inform the driver of the height. The GiraffeG4 is a great tool for the high pole car operator and for the driver with no pole car. This will give him the measurements as he is slowly going under a bridge that may be mismarked and he will be able to stop and back out and save the load from being damaged. PS: I have fourteen years experience and I think GiraffeG4 will give you the edge to do a great job and to protect the load.

    WD Pilot Car, Bristol, IN

  • Yes, the GiraffeG4 has saved us time and money. We bought the GiraffeG4 because we do many loads that are tall. Now when something is questionable, like a fuel island or an unlabeled bridge, we can be sure with the GiraffeG4.

    Amy Williams, Williams Specialty Hauling, Inc.

  • It's very easy to use, I know the height of most of the hazards I pass under and the measurements are right on whether it's raining, snowing or way below freezing . . . I have a lot of confidence in it.

    Joe C., Unlimited Transport, Lindenhurst, NY

  • My name is David Valiga from Pennsylvania. I have a Freightliner classic. I haul primarily over sized loads. Number 1 rule of hauling oversize , never screw up getting out of a screw up. You make a wrong turn and of course you’re worried about the height. So if I come up to an object I’m not familiar with the GiraffeG4 tells me the exact height. I know whether I can get under it or not. The GiraffeG4 just gives me peace of mind now. I don’t have to guess, I don’t have to stop in the middle of the road wondering if it’s clear. The GiraffeG4 is just a wonderful tool. I probably count on it more than anything I have in this truck. I absolutely love it.

    David Valiga, DMV Transport, West Middlesex, PA

  • I have been in the heavy haul trucking business for over 29 years. In that time, hauling over dimensional loads has become more difficult. The states issues permits which require you to run a strict route. Getting off route is extremely risky, but it happens. The states routes are also risky in that they don't always put you on the correct route. On the bottom of every permit it states that the "accuracy of the permit is the drivers responsibility" This put us, the drivers, totally responsible. There have been numerous times that had I not had the GiraffeG4 System in my truck to verify a bridge clearance, there may have been a bridge strike and a major claim. Knowing exactly how high a structure truly is has its own peace of mind. The ability to know that you can dump the air and clear a bridge on route versus calling 911 and waiting to explain how the route won't work, the lost time and delay costs justifies this unit at twice the price. Pulling into a truck stop and wondering if the canopy over the fuel island is high enough to pull through is a time savings, not to mention the additional wear and tear on the equipment. This unit saved me personally the first time I used it. Escorts can use this unit to give an accurate survey, takes the "estimated guess work" out of the route. Saves time and miles, all comes back to your time and money in additional miles. This product is a great tool to have, and should be in every escort vehicle. It should be required equipment, it is in our trucks!

    Mitchell Putz, American Transport, Inc.

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  • My husband relies on his Giraffe G4 for protection from low clearance obstructions. The installation and setup were easy and it allows for peace of mind when approaching any questionable area. We travel approximately 8,000 miles per year with our high profile fifth wheel. In 20 years of towing everything from pop-ups to travel trailers and fifth wheels, we never hit anything!


    We purchased our Giraffe G4 unit following our most devastating RVing experience. 3 months into ownership of our rig we had a height related accident. While stopping for fuel on an interstate, we cleared the stations overhead going into the fuel island. There was a road grade change on the outbound side which altered the clearance. This resulted in hitting the overhead as we pulled out. We were actually stuck under it. Naturally embarrassed and simultaneously devastated, we let the air out of the tires, the air bags on the truck and the Trail-Air pin. With the remains of our air conditioner cleared from the roof we delivered the rig to our dealership. There was over $7,000 in damage to the roof of our coach.

    Our Giraffe G4 won’t let us be taken by surprise in the future. With the Giraffe, we have peace of mind and real time knowledge of what is over our heads so this won’t happen again!

    Travel safe.

    Deb & John Bylinski, Heartland Owners Club, Northeast

  • The GiraffeG4 unit was with me on my most recent trip in the western states and it saved my air conditioner on my 5th wheel trailer. There were two R.R. crossing that were not marked correctly and low trees in a remote camp grounds. The extension cord also made the installation better by being able to remove the outside unit when not in use.

    Robert Nelson, Concord, CA

  • This product is indispensable to anyone with a tall RV.

    Good Sam member Doug Thomas, Sparks, Nevada