****Important Notice****

If you see a tractor trailer fit under a hazard, do not assume your tall RV will fit under that same obstacle. Tractor trailers and straight trucks range in various heights from 11’6” to 13’6” and every thing in between. You will have no idea of the height just by looking at the trailer. That trailer could be 12’ 6” and your RV is 13’3”. The trailer will make it and you won’t.

The GiraffeG4 System will address the situations that you and your RV will face on the road, I.e. “Will this bridge, trestle, gas station awning or tree damage or destroy my roof or AC unit”

The GiraffeG4 measures and notifies you of the exact height of the obstacle before you pass under it. It will continue to measure as you travel under the obstacle in case it is lowers on the other side.

How the GiraffeG4 protects RVs

The driver checks the height of the obstacle before entering . . . the display in the cab let's him know the exact height. The GiraffeG4 System continues to measure the obstacle . . . note the display is showing the obstacle is getting lower . . . if it gets too low an alarm warns the driver.

RV Product of the Month
Good Sam member Doug Thomas from Sparks, NV, tested the system and reported, "This product is indispensable to anyone with a tall RV."


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