How the GiraffeG4 Protects RVs

The GiraffeG4 System will inform you, in the cab, of the exact height of the Bridge, Trestle, Gas Station Awning or any potential “Low Clearance” obstacle, before you travel under it. It will warn you if the obstacle is too low and prevent any damage to your roof, AC unit or TV antenna.

As you proceed it continues to measure the overhead obstacle in case the exit side is the low side.

The GiraffeG4 System protects Towables,  Class “A” “B” and “C” motorhomes from “Low Clearance” collision damage.

The tool that measures from 20, 50 or 100 feet away does not exist.

Note:  You will need an adaptor to mount the sensor on your RV or the tow vehicle.  Please check below.  The adaptors are rust proof, no need to drill any holes.

The driver checks the height of the obstacle before entering . . . the display in the cab let's him know the exact height.The GiraffeG4 System continues to measure the obstacle . . . note the display is showing the obstacle is getting lower . . . if it gets too low an alarm warns the driver.

Protects All RVs from "Low Clearance" Collisions

****Important Notice****

If you see a tractor trailer fit under a hazard, do not assume your tall RV will fit under that same obstacle. Tractor trailers and straight trucks range in various heights from 11’6” to 13’6” and every thing in between. You will have no idea of the height just by looking at the trailer. That trailer could be 12’ 6” and your RV is 13’3”. The trailer will make it and you won’t.

RV Product of the Month
Good Sam member Doug Thomas from Sparks, NV, tested the system and reported, "This product is indispensable to anyone with a tall RV."


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Over $7,000 in damages from gas station canopy...

Three months into ownership of our rig we had a height related accident.  While stopping for fuel on an interstate, we cleared the stations overhead going into the fuel island.  There was a road grade change on the outbound side which altered the clearance.  This resulted in hitting the overhead as we pulled out.  Naturally embarrassed and simultaneously devastated, we let the air out of tires, the air bags on the truck and the Trail-air pin.  With the remains of our air conditioner cleared from the roof we delivered the rig to our dealership.  There was over $7,000 in damage to the roof of our coach.

The system works good

The system works good.  Thanks again for the personal service.  I really appreciate GiraffeG4 LLC for the amazing personal service.

– Allen


I’m glad somebody finally came up with something that can measure tree branches along the road, I knocked the cover off my AC unit last year on a back road in New Hampshire… I’ve tested the GiraffeG4 a few times and I think it’s going to help…I like it so far…

– John D., NH

The Giraffe G4 is the best thing I’ve purchased for my RV

The Giraffe G4 is the best thing I’ve ever purchased for my RV. It keeps me safe on the roads in Connecticut and protects my wallet, big time! All RV owners should invest in the G4!

– Skip B. CT


It measures accurately. I would definitely recommend it. Great customer service.

– Jack, MI

No More Getting Wet

Saves my wife and I from jumping out in the rain to measure anything . . . I like it!

– Amy, CA

Save your Air Conditioner!

The GiraffeG4 unit was with me on my most recent trip in the western states and it saved my air conditioner on my 5th wheel trailer. There were two R.R. crossing that were not marked correctly and low trees in a remote camp grounds. The extension cord also made the installation better by being able to remove the outside unit when not in use.

– Robert Nelson, Concord, CA

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