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Testimonials – Trucks

My name is David Valiga from Pennsylvania. I have a Freightliner classic. I haul primarily over sized loads. Number 1 rule of hauling oversize , never screw up getting out of a screw up. You make a wrong turn and of course you’re worried about the height. So if I come up to an object I’m not familiar with the GiraffeG4 tells me the exact height. I know whether I can get under it or not. The GiraffeG4 just gives me peace of mind now. I don’t have to guess, I don’t have to stop in the middle of the road wondering if it’s clear. The GiraffeG4 is just a wonderful tool. I probably count on it more than anything I have in this truck. I absolutely love it.

David Valiga, DMV Transport, West Middlesex, PA

Using the GiraffeG4 gives me the extra bit of confidence - along with my high pole to protect the load, if I have contact on the pole and need to back up to remeasure the GiraffeG4 gives me a readout of the height so I can inform the driver of the height. The GiraffeG4 is a great tool for the high pole car operator and for the driver with no pole car. ... PS: I have fourteen years experience and I think GiraffeG4 will give you the edge to do a great job and to protect the load.

WD Pilot Car, Bristol, IN

Yes, the GiraffeG4 has saved us time and money. We bought the GiraffeG4 because we do many loads that are tall. Now when something is questionable, like a fuel island or an unlabeled bridge, we can be sure with the GiraffeG4.

Amy Williams, Williams Specialty Hauling, Inc.

I have been in the heavy haul trucking business for over 29 years. ... On the bottom of every permit it states that the "accuracy of the permit is the drivers responsibility." ... Knowing exactly how high a structure truly is has its own peace of mind. The ability to know that you can dump the air and clear a bridge on route versus calling 911 and waiting to explain how the route won't work, the lost time and delay costs justifies this unit at twice the price. ... Saves time and miles, all comes back to your time and money in additional miles. This product is a great tool to have, and should be in every escort vehicle. It should be required equipment, it is in our trucks!

Mitchell Putz, American Transport, Inc.