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The GiraffeG4 for RV’s can be found online at Tweety’s, Big Discount RV and Camping World.


G4_RV_Illustration Protect Your RV with GiraffeG4 Overhead Collision Alert System!

The driver pulls the GiraffeG4 exterior sensor under the overhead hazard. For 5th wheel units, the magnet mounted sensor will be on the roof or hood of the tow vehicle. For Class “A” coaches, the Ram mounted sensor will be on the windshield or side view mirror. The GiraffeG4 overhead collision alert system sends a signal at the speed of sound. The pre-programmed read out in the cab will tell the driver the exact height of the bridge, tree limb, or gas station canopy the RV is about to pass under. And most importantly, if there is enough height clearance for the RV to pass under the hazard without damaging the AC unit or TV antenna. The GiraffeG4 overhead hazard protection will continue to measure the hazard until the RV is clear of it. Click here to find out how easy it is to install and use.

BylinskisMy husband relies on his Giraffe G4 for protection from low clearance obstructions. The installation and setup were easy and it allows for peace of mind when approaching any questionable area. We travel approximately 8,000 miles per year with our high profile fifth wheel. In 20 years of towing everything from pop-ups to travel trailers and fifth wheels, we never hit anything! Remember this: WHAT GOES IN – DOESN’T ALWAYS COME OUT!
We purchased our Giraffe G4 unit following our most devastating RVing experience. 3 months into ownership of our rig we had a height related accident.While stopping for fuel on an interstate, we cleared the stations overhead going into the fuel island. There was a road grade change on the outbound side which altered the clearance. This resulted in hitting the overhead as we pulled out. We were actually stuck under it. Naturally embarrassed and simultaneously devastated, we let the air out of the tires, the air bags on the truck and the Trail-Air pin. With the remains of our air conditioner cleared from the roof we delivered the rig to our dealership. There was over $7,000 in damage to the roof of our coach. Our Giraffe G4 won’t let us be taken by surprise in the future. With the Giraffe, we have peace of mind and real time knowledge of what is over our heads so this won’t happen again! Travel safe, Deb & John Bylinski, Heartland Owners Club, Northeast

A Special Note for RV Owners

When ordering a GiraffeG4 to protect your RV, make sure that you also order the Magnet Mount or Single Arm Mirror Mount to secure the sensor to your vehicle. The GiraffeG4 was originally designed to be mounted on a tractor trailer’s mirrors. Most RVs don’t have this style of mirror, so special mounting options were developed just for you.

Click Here to see Giraffe G4 mounting options for your RV