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90% of RV enthusiasts ask this question!

5% of Truckers do…..Why the difference?…..What’s the question?

 Isn’t the “low clearance” warning, the GiraffeG4 gives you too late when you are already at the bridge, trestle, tree or gas station awning?

 Truckers don’t ask because they drive a tall vehicle for a living and they know that all of the aforementioned “low clearance” obstacles could have an inaccurate height sign or not be marked at all. Plus, their GPS does not cover all the “low clearance” situations they will encounter nor tell them the current conditions(snowpack, additional asphalt added).


It’s never too late to avoid a devastating and expensive accident. The awareness of the height of the obstacle and being able to turn around, or back out, is infinitely better than striking it.


Pull forward so that the exterior sensor is directly underneath the overhead hazard.

The exterior sensor uses sound waves to accurately measure the height of the overhead obstacle.

The in cab programmable readout displays the accurate measurement of the overhead obstacle – you can then decide if it’s safe to pass underneath.


The GiraffeG4 will continue to measure the height of the overhead obstacle as you pass underneath.


The GiraffeG4 Overhead Collision Alert System provides you with an accurate measurement of that overhead obstacle from inside your vehicle! The driver pulls the GiraffeG4 exterior sensor under the overhead hazard. For 5th wheel units, the magnet mounted sensor will be on the roof or hood of the tow vehicle. For Class “A” coaches, the single arm mirror mount will attach to the side view mirror.

Click here to find out how easy it is to install and use.